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Shilpi is a vibrant personality who loves smiling and is full of exuberance. She believes that it is of paramount importance to nurture one’s creative abilities, to keep the child within alive.

She is a passionate philanthropist and supports the cause of child welfare, elderly care, helps budding artists in addition to her voice-over profession at Shilpi’s Voce & Visuals.

Shilpi loves cooking, traveling, singing, reading and being a mother. She is adept at striking a balance between being an extrovert and a home-bird.

My Philosophy

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.

Paulo Coelho

Personal Voice Coach for Leaders & C-Suite Professionals

@ Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals

Does voice matter?

Have you ever given a thought to how your voice affects others? Does it connect with their emotions, captivate them, or is it irksome enough for the audience to shut off mentally?

As a C-Suite professional, while presenting your vision, you must understand how your voice sounds. As a senior leader addressing meetings and company gatherings, you must influence the group with your speech. If you want to shine as a Thought Leader, you must strike a chord with your listeners. Whatever your profile, you can achieve the desired outcomes by addressing your audience’s hearts. Voice is your only medium as a speaker to influence their thoughts.

To climb the ladder of hierarchy, you need to project you are a future-ready leader. If you wish to express your ideas on platforms like TedX Talk, as a Thought Leader, your voice must exude your personality.

Where do I come in?

A management professional and an NLP Master Practitioner, I have extensive corporate experience, including marketing, business development and training. I have facilitated training programs across the country for over 2000 professionals at various levels, in the Banking & Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Call Centre domains.

As a Personal Voice Coach, I don’t coach you on public speaking or oratory skills. They simply get taken care of as my core work with you happens around building your ability to speak persuasively. The only way to do that is by working on vocal transformation through voice modulation

When you speak on a public platform, they expect you to deliver your message powerfully, asserting your leadership. Have you analyzed your vocal presence? It projects your leadership qualities.

Speaking eloquently, powerfully, passionately connects with human emotions.


I coach you to connect with your own emotional intelligence to bring out your ability to express physically and create a vocal presence. My voice coaching sessions help you transform your voice, and find your unique, authentic voice as speaker. Being an NLP Master Practitioner, I work with you holistically, slowly leading you towards making a psychological shift to unravel the authentic voice that usually remains entrapped in our belief systems and upbringing. Replacing limiting beliefs with new ones allows you to explore the limitlessness of your voice.

The coaching method, though, is the same. I customize my approach as per each individual’s competence and expected outcomes. I work with only one person at a time as I believe in different strokes for different folks.

Video recording, audio recording, role-playing, practising monologues, acting out short stage plays, narrating a variety of scripts, and myriads of creative exercises will stimulate self-awareness about your voice giving you deep insights into improvising continuously all in the privacy of the sessions.

After coaching

I assign tasks after each session to ensure the implementation of learning. After the sessions are over, I extend another three months of handholding to enable continued development. Even when you technically complete the entire program, I am whole-heartedly available to share tips to make the best of your speaking assignments.

Next Steps

If you are still wondering about having a voice coach work with you, the investment of time and resources, please call me to discuss your needs and doubts. No, I am too proud to ask you to enrol in my program just because you are going to call me. What you will receive, though, is genuine guidance to evaluate your voice and whether you need voice coaching.

Gauri Das - Vice President and Head HR @ India Factoring and Finance Solutions Private Limited (A Member of the FIMBank Group)

24th September, 2020

As Head HR and part of Executive Management for subsidiary of a European Bank, my role involves communication with people across the world.

I am blessed with a high pitch voice 🙂 and was not happy with my deliveries. My high pitched voice was talk of the town and brought me embarrassments, as a senior leader.

I was looking for a coach to support me on this front and luckily, one of my professional connections, referred me to Shilpi. After my introductory call with Shilpi, I was convinced of her knowledge and willingness to help me improve.

She works very hard on all her clients and hence before on-boarding anyone, she evaluates prospective clients thoroughly. After both of us were convinced of taking it forward, she started coaching me and opened a new world of power of voice for me. As she rightly says, voice is your biggest brand and it must work in tandem with your personality and hence she works on both.

Shilpi has been an amazing coach and I truly appreciate her efforts on my development. I am so thankful to her for her customised approach in identifying my areas of improvement and working on them one by one. She has an excellent command on this subject and does not settle for anything less than perfection. I am immensely benefited by her knowledge, experience, patience and zeal.

She is a strict coach 🙂 but that brings in quick results. It has been around 3 months and my pitch, pace, pauses have improved significantly. It is bound to take time since it involves unlearning and relearning.

I really love the way she has designed the program. She is going to be with me for 3 – 6 more months even after my 15 virtual sessions are over and this time will be utilised in honing the skills further.

I am so thankful to Shilpi for all her support and wish her good luck for future endeavours.

Gauri Das

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