Jayadeva’s Geeta Govinda

Shilpi Das Chohan | 2018 | Recital

Reciting the English translation of Aesthetic Erotica

This poem is present in Jayadeva’s Geeta-Govinda. Jayadeva (जयदेव) was a Sanskrit poet, who lived in the region what is now known as Orissa, circa 1200 AD. His epic poem Geeta-Govinda depicts the divine love of the Krishna and Radha. The treatise of “Geeta-Govinda” is famous for the generous use of “Shringaar-rasa” (erotica) to describe the love between “Raadhaa” and “Krishna”. While the descriptions are elegant and fantastically beautiful, one has to keep in mind the real meanings of “Raadha” and “Krishna” while reading them.

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