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This is one great woman who digs into insights gained from her years of professional experience and taught me how to cultivate the success-targeted frame of mind along with a having a voice that resonates. Since I started voiceover sessions with Shilpi Das Chohan , my vocal abilities improved dramatically.

It was not only the sessions with her, which were thoroughly instructive & enjoyable, but even her “homework” was fun. I couldn’t wait to practise my new “Th”  & “V” every day.  Shilpi would listen to me intently, recognise what needs to be improved, and then be even more diligent than you are, in repeating the process to ingrain whatever is necessary to produce a great voice.  I recommend Shilpi Das Chohan & her voiceover training sessions highly enough, whether you are just starting or want to take your voicing skills to the next level – for a voice profession or to make your mark on the corporate scene.

PS. : If you are thinking about it, do it !!! 

Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee, Human Resource Business Partner, Pulse Secure.

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    Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee

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    Voice Training

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