Shilpi Das Chohan | 2020 | Workshops

Brand yourself with your voice

A Workshop on

  • Giving you insights into the most beautiful and natural instrument to enhance your personality – Your Voice.
  • Share the expert’s advice on your voicing skills that will enhance your storytelling skills – A Social Asset.
  • Learning Voice Projection – A compact session on aesthetics & technicalities of using your voice effectively – A Personality Booster.

In Collaboration with Radiant Studios Media & Events

Voice Coach for this workshop, Shilpi Das Chohan is a management professional & an NLP Master Practitioner with decades-old corporate experience in marketing, business development & training. She has facilitated training programs across geographies for over 2,000 personnel from entry level to senior management, in Banking & Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Call-Centre and the Voice-Over industry. — More —

This workshop is a must for 

  • Corporate executives who wish to improve their presentation skills.
  • Aspiring & existing voice-over artists who wish to learn the finer nuances and enhance their performance.
  • News anchors and actors who wish to improve their on-camera delivery.
  • Homemakers aspiring to produce their own shows for home-business marketing & social media.
  • Aspirants interested to jump into the world of stand-ups or storytelling and,
  • For those who want to enhance their personality & turn more sociable using voice projection.
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SHILPI’s Voice & Visuals believes and promotes art, philanthropy, & social causes
through live shows, short films & documentaries funded by sponsors and charitable partners.

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