Services & Consultancy

Personal Branding & PR

She will assist you in discovering the difference between your current image and the one you aspire to project for professional success. She will then coach you all the way to follow gradual steps in establishing your image and advising you ways to promote your personal brand.

Training Facilitator/Corporate Coach

A management professional and an NLP Master Practitioner, Shilpi comes with extensive corporate experience that includes marketing, business development and training. She has facilitated training programs across the country for about 2000 people from the entry level to senior management, in the Banking & Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Call Centre industry in a group as well as one-on-one coaching scenario.

Hire her voice

# You may hire her voiceover services for your voiceover requirement for corporate videos, documentaries, commercials, e-learning modules, explainer videos etc.
# Gifted with a distinctively rich, powerful, deep and resonating voice, and the timbre that stands out, she possesses the rare versatility of playing with her voice at various ranges.
# On one hand she can sound commanding, serious, husky, mature and sensuous, on the other hand she can sound enthusiastic, lively, young and peppy.

Voice Coach

Coaching aspiring Voice Artists, Public Speakers and Corporate Executives on developing voicing skills. As a Voice Coach, she mentors on voicing skills with a personal interest in her mentees’ success. She ensures the aspirant can witness their own progress under her supervision.


Exclusively for cultural events, story-telling, corporate events and educational events.

Social Causes/Art & Philanthropy

Let’s collaborate for a collective effort:
# Orphans with multiple challenges
# Elderly Care
# Mental health
# Cleanliness
# Indian art & culture

SHILPI’s Voice & Visuals believes and promotes art, philanthropy, & social causes
through live shows, short films & documentaries funded by sponsors and charitable partners.