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    What is SVV about?

    It is a proprietary firm engaged in coaching, consulting, counselling, sound healing for its individual as well as corporate clients.

    What kind of workshops can SVV deliver for corporate teams or groups?

    Please refer to … to be created by you AKP

    Does SVV operate PAN-India?

    Of course, yes, if the assignment warrants an event, workshop or a voice-over elsewhere, we are willing to travel. And we love traveling anyway, however, a pre-planned approach is preferred.

    Does SVV provide services on an hourly basis?

    Hourly assignments are possible depending upon the nature of the assignment and resources available at hand. Talk to us and we can customise the requirement for you.

    What about mentoring services?

    SVV provides coaching and counselling services to corporate executives/clients at all levels and individual clients too in group sessions as well as on one on one basis. The charges would be customised as per the need of the client.

    Does SVV collaborate with everyone?

    SVV believes in partnerships and is enthusiastic about collaborative efforts, however we are selective about prospective collaborators. We look for those who resonate with us, in terms of fair business practices and networking ethics. Humility, honesty, dynamism & team spirit are the top qualities we would look for in a professional prospect.

    Confidentiality protocol

    I want to convey that all information shared by a client is kept confidential and that they can trust the process.

    We at SVV believe in holistic wellness through restoration of vibrational balance.
    We promote art, philanthropy, spirituality & self-development through professional and social initiatives