The Spirit of it!

The ‘spirit’ is usually assumed to be an entity not required at work place and ‘spirituality’ is often confused with religion or rituals.

My Philosophy

“Being spiritual is unlike being religious. Spirituality is about attaining harmony with oneself, and inner stillness amidst the chaos outside. It is in knowing who you are deep down, being resonant with that awareness, have the courage to live a life of no pretence, no pressing need to prove anything or seek validation.”

Why Spirituality?

“She is a spirited person.”

“He is in high spirits today.”

We often overlook the significance of the word “spirit” in our everyday conversations, yet our subconscious knows the essence if this expression. Ask yourself how you would interpret it consciously, and you may or may not realise how deep the meaning is.

Earlier we associated workplace and professions with intellect, but eventually it was realised the IQ is only one part of our being. Then came the time when much was being talked about harnessing the emotional intelligence at workplaces for better productivity, soon followed by mental health receiving enormous attention. The profession of life coaching too was apparently centred around developing certain skills for achieving professional goals, enhancement and success.

In the whole scheme though we still paid no attention to the spirit and spiritual intellect until now that some spiritual gurus designed courses offering them to corporate firms and individual seekers. Slowly the awareness is dawning upon us that the ‘spirit’ is at the core of our existence. Driven by logic, we are more focused on the physical body that we can touch, see and feel, oblivious of the subtlety of how our wellbeing is dependent on the health of our emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.

It’s the fundamental awareness that we aren’t just a physical body, but we have a spiritual, mental and emotional body that largely contributes to our wholesome existence in the divinity of this Universe. Being “in good spirits” or “a spirited person” translates to being in alignment with all the faculties that creates a sense of harmony.

Do you think it is this state of “harmony” that you yearn for in life? Our subconscious knows, but all the distractions that we live through in the name of society, family, relationships, education, career etc., we involuntarily neglect our “spirit.”

The resulting misalignment causes utter chaos, stress, dissonance, eventually diseases and disorders.

As a Spiritual Coach, Shilpi helps you connect with your spirit, align your mind, body and soul, inspire you to overcome unhealthy patterns, encourage you to take empowering decisions to feel whole, self-aware, connected with yourself, add purpose to your existence and lead a meaningful life.

Shilpi works with her clients one-on-one with complete confidentiality, leading them in bringing their attention towards their whole self, gently pushing them in developing self-awareness, assisting them in tapping their hidden potential and dormant resources. She encourages them to listen to their intuitive voice over the ego voice lead by the belief that “Intuition is the voice of the Soul”.  

The sooner one realises that without intuition, we can easily feel lost, stuck, or confused. She emphasises relying upon intuition when life gets confusing/murky, because in the darkest times of our lives intuition is our ally, friend, and guide.

 Shilpi says, “It’s only when we are in absolute resonance with all the faculties of our existence, that’s Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical, we experience stillness, stability and harmony. This state enables bringing our whole self to anything that we aspire to achieve and allows us to witness greater results”.

Organisations are now embracing the concept of Workplace Spirituality to enable wholeness in teams, with holistic approach. People of an organisation are undeniably fundamental to its growth. As more and more companies are waking up to the need of supporting mental health, holistic wellness and spiritual growth of their workforce, they are clearly progressing towards deploying innovative ways to ensure this.

Book Shilpi as your Spiritual Coach to guide you through your dark times.

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Poonam Bhairwani

Poonam Bhairwani - General Manager - L & D Operations, WB - PAN India, SODEXO

20th June, 2022

It’s really feels great to know an Excellently Talented, Versatile, Artistic human being like Shilpi. She is a great Mentor, Humble, Down to Earth whenever I have reached out to her for any support. I have got inspiration from her. I really admire the way she handles herself, family, friends along with her work. She is very dedicated and gives more than 100% in all her duties. She is Benchmark for me and I would always want to achieve it. Thank you Shilpi for coming in my life like a Role model ❤😍😗

Poonam Bhairwani

General Manager - L & D Operations, WB - PAN India, SODEXO

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