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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Shilpi Das Chohan

Voice-over artist from Bangalore, India.

Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals blends art and philanthropy on a common platform, catering to the needy and charitable causes through sponsored events.

In addition to the above objectives, Shilpi, at a personal level is a voice-over artist, training other voice-over aspirants and lending her voice to various shows, advertisements and event anchoring.

Honest & Hardworking

I have come across Ms Shilpi Das Cohan as an honest, hard-working and persistent professional with a lot of inherent virtues . An enthusiastic bent towards marketing in particular makes her a true value add for any organisation who plan to avail of her services . This is apart from her core competencies where she has already carved a niche for herself .

Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

Chief Coordinating Officer (Lion Eagle Family Office)


I’ve known Shilpi for more than 15 years now and she’s an amazing person. Whatever the task or challenge thrown at her, she invariably excels at it. She’s extremely artistic and creative as well. She is also someone who’s extremely trustworthy and always has her heart in the right place. Her training and soft skills are exceptional and she would be a great asset for any team.

Jai S Rathod

Full-time Stock Market Trader & Trainer, 18-Time Winner of the Zerodha 60 Day Challenge.

Thanks for being the person you are!

When I think of Shilpi – I see encouragement , support and friendliness. She has helped me a lot with my voice-over work, whenever I called her with a question she always had an answer. I am very thankful for all her pointers and suggestions. It has really helped me.

Asha Rao

CISCO / Test Engineer


Shilpi is an extremely focused professional with enormous energy in her presence. With her charismatic personality, gracefulness & communication and with her immense knowledge/ experience, she creates a pleasing aura during her interaction/ trainings. She genuinely believes in sharing her knowledge & experience and shows genuine interest & respect to everyone she interacts with.

Raj Badani

Program Manager at Visa


Shilpi’s VOICE & Visuals.. A story of experiential learning.
A truly amazing experience that I would love to share.
Last year I was thinking of taking up a course on public speaking and I was discussing this with my dear friend Shilpi. During this intense discussion is when I realised that instead of a public speaking course, what I was in need of was Voice coaching.

Like many, I was also under the impression that voice coaching is for people who are looking to make a career as a Voice-over Artist. Naa.. it’s much much more than that.
A great Voice coach can help you learn how to use tone, intonations, emotions, display confidence, when and how use pauses, finality, smile, proper pronunciation etc, etc., and most importantly how to bring that impact through your own voice. I can’t express how wonderful the entire learning experience has been. This is what I call a true Experiential Learning. Shilpi is extremely patient and a wonderful coach to have.
Shilpi keeps reminding me that coaching is not teaching, it’s about understanding & knowing your own voice. I totally agree on that, as I am now more aware of my own voice. I am aware of my mistakes and the corrective measure that I have to take. Although I must admit that I still am not able to practice regularly, but I am slowly but surely progressing and all the credit goes to my coach, mentor & guide.. Shilpi..!!

Thank you very much Shilpi for not bearing me..!! I now know the power of Voice..!!

Naganand Kolar

Social Entrepreneur

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