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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Shilpi Das Chohan

Voice-over artist from Bangalore, India.

Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals blends art and philanthropy on a common platform, catering to the needy and charitable causes through sponsored events.

In addition to the above objectives, Shilpi, at a personal level is a voice-over artist, training other voice-over aspirants and lending her voice to various shows, advertisements and event anchoring.

Honest & Hardworking

I have come across Ms Shilpi Das Cohan as an honest, hard-working and persistent professional with a lot of inherent virtues . An enthusiastic bent towards marketing in particular makes her a true value add for any organisation who plan to avail of her services . This is apart from her core competencies where she has already carved a niche for herself .

Abraham Paul Vatakencherry

Chief Coordinating Officer (Lion Eagle Family Office)

Thanks for being the person you are!

When I think of Shilpi – I see encouragement , support and friendliness. She has helped me a lot with my voice-over work, whenever I called her with a question she always had an answer. I am very thankful for all her pointers and suggestions. It has really helped me.

Asha Rao

CISCO / Test Engineer


It’s really feels great to know an Excellently Talented, Versatile, Artistic human being like Shilpi. She is a great Mentor, Humble, Down to Earth whenever I have reached out to her for any support. I have got inspiration from her. I really admire the way she handles herself, family, friends along with her work. She is very dedicated and gives more than 100% in all her duties. She is Benchmark for me and I would always want to achieve it. ❤😍😗

Poonam Bhairwani

SODEXO Onsite Services Pvt. Ltd. / Senior Manager - Learning & Development/HR


We were working on a dubbing project for Syndicate Bank which needed 3 female voices. I called one of my friends who referred me to a voice artist. I called her, briefed the requirement and sent the script post which I got a mail with 3 different modulation fitting in perfectly for all the 3 characters. “Versatile” I would call. She is thoroughly professional and a sweetheart to work with. If you ask for a professional, perfect voice in English, Hindi or Bengali I will point my finger towards one person – Shilpi Das Chohan.

S Nandha Kumar

Corporate Film Maker


Shilpi is an extremely focused professional with enormous energy in her presence. With her charismatic personality, gracefulness & communication and with her immense knowledge/ experience, she creates a pleasing aura during her interaction/ trainings. She genuinely believes in sharing her knowledge & experience and shows genuine interest & respect to everyone she interacts with.

Raj Badani

Program Manager at Visa

SHILPI’s Voice & Visuals believes and promotes art, philanthropy, & social causes
through live shows, short films & documentaries funded by sponsors and charitable partners.