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Shilpi Das Chohan | 2020 | Events / Salon Concerts

Hospitality and performing arts are pivotal to Indian culture

Playing a good host has always been a critical element of our culture and heritage. Despite technology taking the driver’s seat, our busy schedules have robbed us of the inclination to invite people home and entertain them. The nostalgia of such home gatherings is strong since there were lesser options of outings in the past.

Weekends were meant for visiting neighbours, friends and socialising. The intimacy and camaraderie shared, transcended blood relationships. Before the idiot box established itself in the living rooms, and social media took its toll, this space reverberated with the sounds of laughter, music, jokes and everything live. Food being an integral part of hospitality, sharing a meal with guests was a must. Cooking for the gatherings was important and showcased unbound love and affection.

Centuries ago, during the era of Rajas and Maharajas this ethos was stronger. Entertaining guests was the essence of hospitality and they invited the best of artists to perform for the gatherings. The artists thrived, and art flourished because of the appreciation and moral support from the royals.

Royalty is the bygone era, but art lovers, artists and their love for art is perpetual. It is ironic that the ethos of hospitality has diluted. Socialising is limited to social media. Yet, the fact remains – art lovers seek genuine artists and the genuine artists seek  loving, appreciative audience to continue propagating their art forms.

With this need to support Indian Art & Culture, we leaped into curating this beautiful option of  weekend ‘JALSA Salon Concerts’. 

Imagine a living room space bustling with vibration from great live music, interaction between the performing artists and the audience, coupled with homely hospitality and good food – isn’t that worth waiting for your turn to attend?

We have taken a step towards reviving the culture of ‘baithaks’, relaxed evenings in the company of like-minded people and up-close with extraordinary talent, in a safe and intimate ambiance. You will never experience this in an auditorium!

Come, be a part of the JALSA initiative. Call us  @ 99020 77066 to attend or perform.

The opening session of this series is scheduled on 26th December 2020.


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Comments (5)

  1. Rajput KK

    JALSA a unique concept well conceptualised rather a visionary thought being implemented in robotic life of current times. Kudos 💐 We have really forgotten the very art of living together, spending quality time with each other. Harmony of bygone era the root cause of inner peace is gone with fast pace competitive environment. Small happiness are lost in the big mega events. Covid era although very painful yet it has flip side too as it has taught us family values and brought back the element of togetherness. Jalsa I’m sure will revive the very element of celebrating in a small group and certainly will go long way in paving the bonding, belonging and rejuvenating. Highway to Pagdandi is need of hour to emote. Thanks for introducing such event and I feel honoured and privileged to be guest of first event. Let’s join and synergise in big way. All the very best to Jalsa and its organisers. Love 💞and Blessings 💐🙏

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