What I do?

Sound & Voice Healer

It wasn’t a surprise that while pursuing a profession in human voice, she developed a profound understanding of the connection between sound and wellbeing. The realization that mental health is foundational to physical wellbeing, professional performance, healthy relationships for a happy and harmonious existence…..

It was a calling that she was drawn towards discovering more about the healing powers of human voice and sound energy. She marched on to studying, learning and skilling herself by being mentored by various international masters in this domain. Shilpi learned the craft of playing the Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs from the World travelled Sound Teacher Master Satyabrata Jaiswal of International Academy of Sound Healing. She trained herself in the usage of vocal harmonics, vocal over-toning and cleansing, sacred vowel chanting, chakra healing from American Sound Healer Wayne Perry, British Voice Teacher Jill Purce, Shamanic Sound Healer Hara Willow and she continues to gather knowledge from such astounding experts around the globe.

My take...

From Voice to Sound to Healing to Spiritual Coaching, it has been a continuously evolving journey…. The interconnectedness of each journey has been an eye-opener. Today, I have evolved into a holistic healer with a firm belief in inner and outer wellness. I work towards the benefit of people and my associates, commercially as well as socially.

It all began with Voice that is a reflection of one’s spirit.

Voice Coach

True to her voice mentor’s prediction, soon she began receiving inquiries about helping professionals sound better and speak in an interesting manner. She donned the hat of a voice coach and took up to mentoring senior professionals who possessed abundant knowledge, linguistic proficiency too, but somewhere lacked the ability to connect with their audience, captivate their attention and persuade them towards their ideas.

Shilpi says, “A strong vocal presence creates a powerful personal brand.” She perpetuates the pivotal role ‘voice’ plays in the world of oral communication using unique methods and her concept – “12 Cs of Leadership Voice”.

Spiritual Coach

A trained NLP Master Practitioner and a Corporate Trainer that she has been, she often found herself coaching her clients beyond the professional skills. This came naturally to her as she views her client holistically and keeps this perspective in her mind while coaching them. Guiding them spiritually is an amalgamation of her offering as a life coach combined with healing to help them connect with their spirit, align their mind, body and soul, inspire them to overcome unhealthy patterns, encourage them to take empowering decisions to feel whole, self-aware, connected with themselves, add purpose to their existence and lead a meaningful life.

DEI & POSH Advisor

This was an offshoot of her coaching skills as she took it up to be certified by Protouch as a POSH trainer when one of her associates invited her to become a an external member for their internal committee. An ardent believer of celebrating differences than propagating equality, Shilpi chose this certification to help individuals and organisations in creating a harmonious co-existence between genders not only in work places but also in families.

We at SVV believe in holistic wellness through restoration of vibrational balance.
We promote art, philanthropy, spirituality & self-development through professional and social initiatives