Simply Shilpi

Shilpi is a vibrant personality who loves smiling and is full of exuberance. She believes that it is of paramount importance to nurture one’s creative abilities, to keep the child within alive.

She is a passionate philanthropist and supports the cause of child welfare, elderly care, helps budding artists in addition to her voice-over profession at Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals.

Shilpi loves cooking, traveling, singing, reading and being a mother. She is adept at striking a balance between being an extrovert and a home-bird.

My Philosophy

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.

Paulo Coelho

Who is Shilpi?

Shilpi Das is a mind-blowing voice artist who has lent her voice to many projects. As an extension to her voicing skills, she took to becoming a professional Sound Healing Practitioner to further her journey in the domain of voice and sound.

She is an internationally certified voice healer. The primary purpose is to use voice and sound therapy not only in providing psychological care to the elderly, but also propagate holistic health in the society through the power of sound. She perpetuates holistic community wellness through ‘Group Sound Meditation’ programs for independent groups as well as corporate events and conducts private ‘Sound Baths’ too.

Her process

Shilpi perpetuates the pivotal role ‘voice’ plays in the world of oral communication using unique methods and her concept – “12 Cs of Leadership Voice”. A qualified NLP Master Practitioner and a voice coach, she assists her clients to project impactful leadership with the help of a strong vocal presence. Shilpi empowers business leaders to lead and motivate with a powerful voice.

She says, “Human voice is the most powerful sound in the world, but there are no short cuts to learning voice modulation. It is an art that can be mastered only with….

…time and practice. Voice modulation is not a skill reserved for voice over artists or actors, it can be learnt and used by people from any walk of life to create an empowered presence. A strong vocal presence creates a powerful personal brand.”

Her Presence

She was featured in Outlook, November 2021 edition for pursuing an offbeat career of being a Voice Coach.

She actively contributes to many social causes, specially elder care. A social short ‘Poonam’, herfirst foray into film-making is a tribute to the elderly showcasing their loneliness – a film that won 34 national and international awards.

She co-founded Charista Foundation, a public charitable trust that has interests in lost arts, artists, artisans, aged and works towards a greener planet, at heart.

She is a featured co-author of ‘Women Who Made Name’, an anthology of women writers compiled by Priyanka Behl.

On 24th April 2023, her collection of intimate poems were published as a book titled ‘The Intimacy of Thought- A Collection of Musings’. She is currently working on her next independent book.

Gauri Das

Gauri Das - Vice President and Head HR @ India Factoring and Finance Solutions Private Limited (A Member of the FIMBank Group)

24th September, 2020

As Head HR and part of Executive Management for subsidiary of a European Bank, my role involves communication with people across the world.

I am blessed with a high pitch voice 🙂 and was not happy with my deliveries. My high pitched voice was talk of the town and brought me embarrassments, as a senior leader.

I was looking for a coach to support me on this front and luckily, one of my professional connections, referred me to Shilpi. After my introductory call with Shilpi, I was convinced of her knowledge and willingness to help me improve.

She works very hard on all her clients and hence before on-boarding anyone, she evaluates prospective clients thoroughly. After both of us were convinced of taking it forward, she started coaching me and opened a new world of power of voice for me. As she rightly says, voice is your biggest brand and it must work in tandem with your personality and hence she works on both.

Shilpi has been an amazing coach and I truly appreciate her efforts on my development. I am so thankful to her for her customised approach in identifying my areas of improvement and working on them one by one. She has an excellent command on this subject and does not settle for anything less than perfection. I am immensely benefited by her knowledge, experience, patience and zeal.

She is a strict coach 🙂 but that brings in quick results. It has been around 3 months and my pitch, pace, pauses have improved significantly. It is bound to take time since it involves unlearning and relearning.

I really love the way she has designed the program. She is going to be with me for 3 – 6 more months even after my 15 virtual sessions are over and this time will be utilised in honing the skills further.

I am so thankful to Shilpi for all her support and wish her good luck for future endeavours.

You can reach me at LinkedIn.

Gauri Das

SVP @ FIMBank Group

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