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A tribute to our Green Soldiers

Wilderness is intriguing, it’s mystical and the silence is purely magical.

Talk of wildlife and the mind races into nostalgia of all the holidays spent in various wildlife settings. The memory of serene visuals of wildlife documentaries watched on TV channels begin to surface.

The wilderness is a treasure trove of mysteries and secret riches that attract us all. It is intriguing to think about all that natural wealth encased in the wilderness that leaves us wondering how it remains safe, despite greedy poachers and gold-diggers? How and who secures it for us? Who protects them?

I was thrilled when I was asked by Mr. Rajnish K Singh – DCF (Wildlife) and DDO (MPTFS) to be the voice for narrating Vanrakshak, a documentary film by Farhan Khan. This documentary film is a tribute to the bravado of green soldiers who keep a steadfast vigil on these jungles and the wildlife they hold. These soldiers are forever ready to sacrifice their life unflinchingly in line of their duties.

I was enthralled by the visuals captured by Farhan Khan and delighted to tell the story of the indispensable green soldiers. I felt goosebumps while I rendered the script written by Anil Kumar P. This assignment left me intrigued with a new perspective, and filled me with gratitude for these brave-hearts.

When it’s a cause like wildlife and the ones protecting it, the purpose of the assignment takes a different meaning. This assignment of voicing the narration of the documentary film Vanrakhshak – Protectors of Paradise by MPTFS, actually makes one realise how insignificant we humans are in the scheme of nature. We the urban people chase material gains, whilst the protectors of the forests and wildlife perform those duties that make existing convenient for us. This awareness filled me with gratitude while recording the narration. Gratitude for the forest guards – our brave green soldiers who take up the challenging task of keeping a vigil on something that we take for granted.

Owing to Covid-19 times, the release of the English version of Vanrakshak on 7th June, 2020 as an extension of following World Environment Day implies the need to salute these soldiers. It is also time to realise our lackadaisical attitude towards nature, and do our best to sustain it. I am honoured to have been a part of this endeavour to tell you the story of our forest guards and their bravado by Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society.

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    MPTFS [Pic Courtesy - Farhan Khan]

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    Documentary VoiceOver

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