August 28, 2019 Shilpi Das

When I was hosted at ‘The Preeti Bhuyan Talk Show’ – Radio Active 90.4 MHz

Radio Active 90.4 Mhz’s ‘The Preeti Bhuyan Talk Show’ is beyond barriers and flaws, they are here to inspire and sensitize listeners by promoting local talent, bringing in new perspectives on social issues, and encouraging creative expression. How did I land up there? Here’s the story.

It was a nice sunny afternoon when my lawyer friend Anubha introduced me to some of her very dear friends over lunch at Monkey Bar, Indiranagar. Amongst them was this striking lady named Preeti Bhuyan, simple yet dynamic in her own special way, dressed in a pair of smart black trousers and a pinstripe white shirt.

It was interesting to exchange professional experiences and share laughter over the sumptuous fare that was served. It was probably the very first time that I was in such bright company of four unassuming enterprising women.

Preeti and I remained in touch on text on and off. I was intrigued to know more about this elegant lady who spoke with a sweet Assamese accent. The voice coach in me by default notices these aspects of speech. I sensed Preeti is unapologetically her and much more than a simple woman.

Just who is Preeti Bhuyan? An organ donor, Pinkathon ambassador, runner, fitness lover, a doting mother with outstanding culinary skills and so much more. Yes, I was amazed to know that she has pledged all her organs! Her love for cooking and expressing her love through food makes her run a marathon in her kitchen too. Once she ended up dishing out 39 varieties of dishes for 100 people. No one can probably defeat her in a cookathon! Preeti also founded ‘Rang’, her designer boutique for silk and handicrafts of northeast of India.

A simple girl from Guwahati who aspired to be a teacher for the love of teaching, but then followed her destiny to Bangalore, just the way she unapologetically follows her heart. Despite never being a sports person, the running bug caught on to her when she turned health conscious. She is one crazy woman who not only loves to be clicked but aspires to be one of the best photographers and is never happy with her own clicks. Being hospitable, comes to her naturally. Her joyful mirth radiates her inner warmth and positivity. She is an inspiration by herself. A woman with a beautiful mind who is focused at appreciating the beauty in others.

One day she texted me and asked me if she could invite me to her talk show. Few weeks later, on 14th August I made it to Radio Active studio at their Jain University premises. I did not know what Preeti would ask me, and what I was to talk about.

I spotted Preeti standing in front of a large glass window, speaking on her phone, her back facing me. Her attire for the day was a crisp off-white, orange-bordered cotton saree, accessorized with a beautiful tribal beaded neckpiece. Her athletic gait spoke volumes about her elegance, confidence, alertness and purposefulness. She looked resplendent in that simple saree. I walked up to her and gave her a hug to which she turned around with a warm smile. She hugged me back and introduced me to a team of cheerful women at work in the radio station.

I was delighted to meet another beautiful saree clad lady, Pinky Chandran, the Station Director. Well, sarees are my weakness, and in my opinion, an Indian woman looks her gorgeous best draped in this very unstitched garment. One more cheerful face brightened me up and that was Beula Anthony’s. After exchanging pleasantries Preeti and I headed into the studio for the talk. It was Preeti Bhuyan talk show and she was hosting me!

She asked me questions on the craft of voicing, how and why I chose this field, the scope for others as far as voicing skills are concerned, what my opinion is, about women empowerment, how to parent teenagers and how people interested in learning my craft could reach out to me. Well, all of that is here on these links for you to listen to.

After the talk, we wound up the beautiful afternoon sharing a meal with the entire team of Radio Active. Marwan Abubaker, of Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited joined us for lunch too. He filled me up on their social enterprise focused on creating better livelihoods for waste-pickers through businesses that have an environmental impact. Impressive work, I said to myself.

Well, I was expecting myself to leave as soon as the talk was over. However, the incomparable warmth they exuded while inviting me to join them at lunch moved me, and I decided to enjoy the revelry a bit longer.

The complete chat is here..

Happy listening!