Individual Social Responsibility

Shilpi grew up watching her mother reaching out to the needy in her own thoughtful ways to alleviate their suffering. So philanthropy set in her heart early.

She strongly believes in Individual Social Responsibility (#ISR) and asserts altruism truly begins at an individual level, growing collectively to the CSR level.

My Philosophy

“We are responsible for everything that happens in this world. We are warriors of light, and with the strength of our love and of our will we can change our destiny and that of many other people.”

Paulo Coelho

Child Adoption

Movies are a great source of inspiration. As a child, she felt inexplicable pain when the movies depicted abandoned children and their suffering. In 1995, all of just 19, she felt the desire of becoming an adoptive mother. At 34, four years after giving birth to her daughter, she became an adoptive mother to a son, to advocate child adoption as a way to secure the lives of abandoned and unfortunate children.

She looks forward to propagating the cause of child adoption and inspire the society to act and contribute to it, by choosing to become adoptive parents. Today she is a proud mother of a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son.

To give her social contributions a structure she co-founded Charista Foundation in January 2021, a public charitable trust registered in Hyderabad with an office in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru.

Film Making

She feels that the cause of Elderly Care needs to be addressed globally. Shilpi forayed into film- making along with Anil Kumar, co-founder of Charista Foundation. Producing the social short ‘Poonam’, was a collaboration between Shilpi’s Voice & Visuals and Precipio Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The film has received 34 national and international awards so far. ‘Poonam’ is a tribute to the elderly, a film that showcases their loneliness and the need for companionship.

The film’s purpose is to sensitise its audience and create awareness towards the psychological needs of the elderly.

Charista Foundation aims to bring solace to the lonely elderly, and make them an active, living part of the society using their experience and intellect.


Shilpi initiated reviving the ‘baithak’ culture through ‘Jalsa‘ to create a platform for performing artists and educating the audience about promoting arts and culture with the intention of supporting the artistic pursuits of underprivileged talents. To encourage art and artists, Charista Foundation encourages underprivileged and talented artists through private concerts and mainline events as and when they are curated to help market them and get exposure.

Sound Healing

She took to becoming a professional Sound Healing Practitioner to further her journey in the domain of voice and sound. The primary purpose is to use voice and sound therapy not only in providing psychological care to the elderly, but also propagate holistic health in the society through the power of sound.

She perpetuates holistic community wellness through ‘Group Sound Meditation’ programs for independent groups as well as corporate events and conducts private ‘Sound Baths’ too. Shilpi is certified in the usage of the Himalayan Singing Bowls as a professional sound therapist. She is also trained and certified in using voice healing techniques with vocal harmonics and vocal toning.

She promotes using one’s voice as a healing tool to tune up the mind, body and soul, fostering vibrational balance for wellness. She can be contacted for facilitating workshops for varied groups of educators, students, senior citizens’ communities, corporates, doctors, sports persons, patients etc. or booked for private sound healing sessions as well.

Naganand Kolar - Social Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO @ Ingrained Solutions

20th June, 2020

Shilpi’s VOICE & Visuals.. A story of experiential learning.

A truly amazing experience that I would love to share.

Last year I was thinking of taking up a course on public speaking and I was discussing this with my dear friend Shilpi. During this intense discussion is when I realised that instead of a public speaking course, what I was in need of was Voice coaching.

Like many, I was also under the impression that voice coaching is for people who are looking to make a career as a Voice-over Artist. Naa.. it’s much much more than that.

A great Voice coach can help you learn how to use tone, intonations, emotions, display confidence, when and how use pauses, finality, smile, proper pronunciation etc, etc., and most importantly how to bring that impact through your own voice. I can’t express how wonderful the entire learning experience has been. This is what I call a true Experiential Learning. Shilpi is extremely patient and a wonderful coach to have.
Shilpi keeps reminding me that coaching is not teaching, it’s about understanding & knowing your own voice. I totally agree on that, as I am now more aware of my own voice. I am aware of my mistakes and the corrective measure that I have to take. Although I must admit that I still am not able to practice regularly, but I am slowly but surely progressing and all the credit goes to my coach, mentor & guide.. Shilpi..!!

Thank you very much Shilpi for not bearing me..!! I now know the power of Voice..!!

Naganand Kolar

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